St John’s Wood

Renovation and Interior design of a flat in an Art Deco residential building

This spacious Art Deco property in a 1940s purpose built block of flats was acquired by our clients who wanted to reduce from their previous large family home not far away, being both in their 80’s. The flat had been renovated in the past with a dated 1980s style which took all signs of its Art Deco era.

We decided to bring back the flavour of that era combining with contemporary touches in particular in the kitchen and bathrooms and giving the property all the amenities of a modern house.

Special consideration was given to the fact that the client were keen art collectors and this played a good part in deciding finishes and in particular the correct lighting. Other considerations were given to fit one of the bathrooms with disable access to bullet proof the property which indeed help a few years later when this was necessary.

The overall feel was of an elegant metropolitan flat with a great capacity to gather family and friends with an easy flow within their social areas and fantastic facilities for storage and display.